Daily Energy Reading for July 27th, 2019
Sun in Sidereal Cancer Conjunction Venus in Sidereal Cancer
Mars in Sidereal Cancer Quincunx Saturn in Sidereal Sagittarius
Mars in Sidereal Cancer Quincunx Neptune in Sidereal Aquarius


The Sun’s representation of Love being given unconditionally is a constant daily reminder of our Soul’s Energy within us.  The Sun gives off Solar energy or SOULar energy it just depends on how you interpret it.  As it merges with the illuminating Venus over the weekend, learning how to accept the present will lead to some “weird” occurrences.  Weird in the etymological sense meaning deeply tied to Destiny.  What makes us Peculiar, unique, or different is ultimately what makes us perfect.  Venus in more reflective space is speaking to Adjustment, and adjustment is not an act it is a universal harmony tending ever to resume its original position. So what may seem like a sin, mistake or unfairness may simply just be what needs to happen.  What we can control is our personal relationship to our Soul, what we cannot control is how people perceive us. Which brings me to the point of being comfortable within your self and not comfortable in your habits.  The negative habits contribute to the need for Universal Adjustment based on individuals propensity to live outside of the Soul and its guidance.   

Mars sitting in the 3rd Decan of Cancer in preparation for a coronation in Leo states that we should expect through our actions and not our ideas alone.  If something moves you away from your normal routine than that could be looked at as good.  Especially if you expect change.  If we have an expectation it would be wise to figure out how you will accomplish this realistically.

There are some misunderstandings between Mars, Saturn, and Neptune.  Mars inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius states that there are people you can learn from but if you are in your Ego this looks and feels like Envy.  Mars inconjunct Neptune in Aquarius states that you can do whatever you want to do if you factor in how what you will do will help others.  If you are simply concerned with your desires or passions, it may seem you are missing the point.  It is not about how many people admire you it is about how we all can learn to assist each other get somewhere as a collective.  Personal Goals are something that existed very largely in a past age, entering the Age of Aquarius the migration will be towards collective soul groups coming together and rebuilding the Kingdom.  There is very little space for personal passions and jealousy in this New Space & Time.  Take time to recollect and gather your Soul before imagining you know the best thing to do.  From there you will get the hints and be sure to follow.  Take it as a compliment when people say you have been acting “weird” lately, know that you are closer to your destiny, and this destiny is designed from the Soul.

4 thoughts on “Stay Weird

    1. it represents an obstacle we can overcome surely…but the idea of an obstacle does not fit into our plans…but the reality is that lessons need to be learned…a finger of God is literally pushing us to a solution


      1. Thank you. I don’t master all those social novelties that are on the Net. So it is only now i notice you answered this question. Thank you It is appreciated


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