Full Moon | August 15th, 2019 | Revealing the Mysteries of the Heart


Nakshatra Dhanishtha — Revelation of the Heart

Sun/Venus in Sidereal Cancer Opposed Moon in Sidereal Capricorn — Natural Psychic Abilities

Mercury in Sidereal Cancer Square Uranus in Sidereal Aries — Step Away from the Matrix

Jupiter in Sidereal Scorpio Square Neptune in Sidereal Aquarius — Risk is Reward

Card of the Week — The Devil



The Full Moon takes place in the Constellation of Capricorn on August 15th, 2019, around 9:00 AM EDT. It takes place in the Auspicious Nakshatra Dhanishtha, symbolized by the Nataraja, the Hindu god Shiva in his form as the cosmic dancer.[1]  This is a complex and abstract image that relates to every one of us at our core.  The Sun will be Conjunct Venus during this Full Moon opposition bringing with it a raised psychic ability if one can reconcile the squares associated with the Full Moon. We will address how stepping away from the matrix and taking spiritual risks will result in spiritual rewards.    Finally, we will be discussing the card of the Day, the seldom discussed but often felt “Devil” Tarot Card.  

Nakshatra Dhanishtha — Revelation of the Heart

There exists a 2M long deity of Nataraja gifted by the Indian government to CERN, Geneva to celebrate the research center’s strong association with India. In choosing the image of Shiva Nataraja, the Indian government acknowledged the profound significance of the metaphor of Shiva’s dance for the cosmic dance of subatomic particles, which is observed and analyzed by CERN’s physicists.[2]

Dhanishtha is the twenty-third(“The Royal Number”) nakshatra in Vedic Astrology.  This is known as a movable nakshatra, meaning that it is best to begin activities like travel, relocate, or “move”.  The diety over this nakshatra is the Ancient Nataraja or dancing Shiva.  The Dance or movement of the universe is supreme, and our ignorance is what Shiva is dancing upon.  Our ignorance in reference to forgetfulness of the movement of the Cosmos.  Shiva is said to dance to release the souls of all men from illusion.  Where this dance takes place for all of us is within the Heart.  We can use these 5 symbols from the statue of Nataraja as ways to Reveal the Mysteries of the Heart or Cosmic Dance of the Universe:  creation (symbolized by the drum), protection (by the “fear not” pose of the hand), destruction (by the fire), embodiment (by the foot planted on the ground), and release (by the foot held aloft).[3] 

Sun/Venus in Sidereal Cancer Opposed Moon in Sidereal Capricorn — Natural Psychic Abilities


When we reference the rising of natural psychic abilities, we want to preface that even though this is supernatural and magical, your active participation is required.  In simpler terms, don’t expect things to just come to you.  

After going through a long and drawn out Sun Cycle in Cancer, we are met with what seems to feel like a completion.  With all completions, they simply make way for new beginnings.  The Capricorn Moon needs to be reminded that problems also come with solutions.  Sometimes the problem was only there to show you the solution and this makes problems less significant in our personal auric field.  If we are able to stabilize our emotions and associations, we can begin a process of discerning the magical voices within us.  Learning to differentiate between the “voices” in our head and learning to listen to the inner voice of God within.  The gifts being bestowed around this time are the gifts that exist primordially deep within us, so the hardest/easiest thing to do would be to simply relax, listen, and act.  

Mercury in Sidereal Cancer Square Uranus in Sidereal Aries — Step Away from the Matrix

No matter how technologically advanced society gets, how predictable your day becomes, and how controlled society becomes there will always be a soul within you begging for you to engage with it.  Uranus speaks to the awakening of this cosmic order, Soul leads the Body.  Mentally we can be too engaged with social media, family functions, entertainment, and all things opposite to psychic development.  Mercury will be coming out of Retrograde area, and this current retrograde cycle will be coming to a complete close.  Have you refined yourself spiritually to the point that you in tune with the cosmic order or is your Ego and it’s pursuits more important?  Integrating the Magical Self with the Actual Self over time is going to create changes, trusting those changes would be the key to navigating this Square.    

Jupiter in Sidereal Scorpio Square Neptune in Sidereal Aquarius — Risk is Reward

Jupiter will be stationed direct bringing positive movement in our day to day lives.  Neptune is also attempting to learn this new information on the fly.  After a process of steady integration of these recent cosmic psychic downloads[4], there is an idea of application, that comes with it its share of risk.  The risk comes from new experiences and the unknown outcome that is associated with it.  In the realms of consciousness and spirituality, you never know until you know.  Some of us attempt, challenge ourselves and stretch out beyond our previous beliefs of what we could do.  We can train ourselves in the soul through daily application of spiritual practice and live in the rewards.  The contrary is to invest into the matrix and expect the matrix to reward you.  The ignorance of our Ego’s ignorance has to be dispelled and we have to begin to take different chances that our inspired by the Soul.  

Card of the Week — The Devil


The Devil rules the constellation of Capricorn.  This card represents the material energy in its most creative form[5], “the word made flesh[6]”, Christ Consciousness[7].  The Devil (Lived) is the opposite of Death, where Death is the End, The Devil is the beginning.  The Devil is looked at as evil based on cultural explanations if something is bad, it is “the Devil”, the scapegoat.  When bad things happen, we seek reasonings and explanations, “The Devil” in this hemisphere is the go-to guy for those reasonings and explanations.  The Devil has become a simple answer when a complicated answer is needed.  Outside of cultural implications, The Devil card represents, the focus needed to accomplish a material or tangible goal.  It speaks to the concept of, “What we focus on we become. If you are just focusing on unhappy things, you will become unhappy. If you focus on happy states of mind, then it will grow in you.” The Devil is a Christian Creation derived from Pan, the mystical God of Music, Sheep, nature, and shepherds,  Pans head looked human but from the waist down he was a goat. Pan was a God of PHYSICAL PLEASURES including sexuality, food, and drink.[8]  We all have sex, eat, and drink.  By demonizing basic human pleasures, you create deficiencies and imbalances based upon your withdrawal from basic physical pleasures.  If we are seriously developing our Soul, previous restrictions and imprisonments need to be examined and pressed.  You have more control over your life than you give yourself credit for.  If you are attached or addicted than you will no doubt lose control over your life.  The need to accept focusing on the mundane world and the spiritual world because they both feed off of each other, one does not exist without the other.  Finally being honest about how you feel and getting positive feedback.  There are plenty of relationships that exist because one person was not afraid to state their desire.  The risk is needed for the reward to be realized.  The problem comes with a solution, can you focus enough to find it through this highly energetic Full Moon.               


Be prepared for amazing things to happen in your life based upon your effort in the realms of spiritual understanding.  Input = Output.  What you put into this pursuit of integration of the Soul, don’t be limited to small victories, be open to accomplishing whatever you put your “Heart” too. The bridge between science and spirituality begins with the heart. The heart is the regulator of our energetic state, working synergistically with the nervous system and the brain to bring coherence and positive emotion to life. It produces the strongest electromagnetic field in the body, one that extends all around us, allowing for energetic communication of this coherence with all of life.[9] It is important to begin to uncover the mysteries of the Heart and its power moving forward. The Daily Energy readings leading up to this Full Moon will further expound and reveal those mysteries.  So stay In Tune.  Peace

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