A broken heart is a whole heart




“Strange to say, in scriptural phraseology, a heart may be divided and not broken, and it may be broken but not divided, and yet again it may be broken and be whole, and it never can be whole until it is broken.” [1]

Daily Energy Reading for August 6th, 2019

Mars in Sidereal Cancer Inconjunct Pluto in Sidereal Sagittarius

Naturally doing things with a divided heart is what leads to forks in the road while making a commitment with your whole heart removes all obstacles.  Mars at the cusp of Cancer ready to enter into more favorable Leo wants to be assured of its direction moving forward.  If we can be emotionally aligned to our goals as opposed to some mental fantasy we do not want to work towards, we will achieve much success at whatever we put our WHOLE hearts to.  What helps this transit is the understanding that we do not have to wait for the perfect person or opportunity to come along to be initiative.  Sometimes we just have to commit, focus, concentrate, and act for our worlds can change drastically.  

Pluto’s role in this transit requires us to be introspective first to make sure we are creating our SELF and not what people want us to be.  The idea is not to be more favorable to others but to be honest with yourself to the point that self-deception is not at work.  There are mysteries and hidden messages within your heart, the awareness of seeking within disables any deception or dishonesty.  We get to this point not by imagining we know, we get to this point by knowing we have to learn the mysteries of the heart.  

Inconjunctions in astrology point to planets who have a hard time understanding each other.  This presents inharmonious events based upon our lack of investigation.  What we can gather by the investigation is that inharmony is created by acting with a divided heart which creates self-deception.  We can understand that today and until this inconjunction ends, success can be found in commitment of the whole heart which reveals its hidden messages.  We can also say that a broken heart can serve us more than a divided heart.  



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