Daily Energy Reading for August 8th, 2019

Jupiter in Sidereal Scorpio

Neptune in Sidereal Aquarius

Sun/Venus in Sidereal Cancer


Jupiter Learning Triangle 


When you begin to feel like a victim, stop!

When you begin to feel entitled, stop!

When you begin to feel the need to be rescued, stop!

When you begin to feel the need to blame, stop!

(Baker, 2003, 177)

In the reading for today, we will take a look at the Jupiter Learning Triangle between itself the Sun/Venus conjunction and Neptune.  This learning Triangle will cap off our Summer and move us into the Autumn (Harvest) Period of the year. Jupiter sitting on the 3rd Decan of Scorpio, preparing to go Direct shortly, is ready to plunge itself into the mysteries of life.  One could take this as a hint to go swimming or dive deep within their heart.  Developing the traits of the heart (strong, clear, full, and open)[1], removing the false realities associated with the heart (fight, flight, freezing, fawning)[2], removing the shadows that block us from the heart’s inner truth (inferiority, envy, resentment, and apathy)[3] will allow us to rise above fear to live completely heart-centered.  

A learning triangle presents us with a square(challenge), inconjunction (misunderstanding), and trine (solution) between three planets.  Jupiter is connected to the Sun/Venus in Cancer through a trine and Neptune through a square.  The Sun/Venus is in an inconjunction(quincunx) with Neptune.  So the challenge is between Jupiter and Neptune.  Neptune in Aquarius is requiring serenity, not that things should be perfect, but whatever happens, you will stay in a peaceful calm place.  Inner peace is what Neptune is hoping for.  Neptune and Jupiter being squared shows that that peace and the heart journey may be marked by a lot of disruptive energy contrary to peace and calm.  That is what makes it a challenge. 

The soft aspects are between the Sun/Venus and Jupiter.  What assists this energy or provides a solution is the fact that you can follow what you feel and achieve perfection.  One has to know what they feel first and this is found in the heart.  So clearing and processing the heart’s traits, phantoms, and shadows open us up to feeling from the heart.  The Sun/Venus inconjunction to Neptune, explains how until we are calm, clear, and serene it will be difficult to achieve that perfection that The Sun/Venus predicts.  To want something and to bring it to manifestation is going to require a sacrifice somewhere, so the question of do you really want what you say you want will be answered in your actions.  

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[3] ‘’



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