As With All Matters of the Heart

Daily Energy Reading for August 9th — The Venusian Yod

Friday is the day of Venus, today we are looking at a Yod(double inconjunctions) that it is forming with Saturn Sextile Neptune.  A yod represents abstract energy outside of us that needs to be resolved.  It usually relates to a lesson we must learn or a roadblock that needs to be removed.  It requires intuition and receptivity to be guided.  Neptune and Saturn’s sextile create the base or strength to Venus’s purpose within this Yod.  Strength is required to achieve this purpose because attached to a Yod is some form of stress.  Underneath the stress is latent gifts and joy.   In summary, this Venusian Yod, in particular, is specifically tied to your career and doing what you love.  

Saturn in the 3rd Decan speaks to having more than enough.  This can be true and also be a difficult thing based on having a lot makes you want to spend or do more than you normally would. To master this has to think of the future and attach foresight to their future career goals.  If there are goals you have, what action steps are you taking now, how are you preparing to reach it?  The stress is based on you making the decision to commit to what you love you will be able to manifest at a rapid rate.  Releasing Emotional Baggage to access your 3rd eye is the strength that Neptune provides within the Yod.  If we are able to react differently to our natural impulse to gratify our personal needs and seek to do something more then we can relieve the stress associated with this Yod.

Venus’ goal during this transit is to spend her time doing things she loves.  If that requires hard work she is willing to do it.  Knowing that you have enough time and you have enough resources to succeed will allow you to put in the groundwork now for future success.  Are you willing to pay the price for the success you want?  If you are not willing to put in the work, why do you want it? There is enough good luck and goodwill available to us all if we are only to engage in our highest senses.  Like anything you truly love, your career is your soul mate as well and should be treated with such seriousness.  

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” — Confucius

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