Daily Energy Reading for August 12th, 2019

Moon conjunct Saturn/Pluto in Sagittarius
Moon Sextile Neptune in Aquarius
Sun Conjunct Venus in Cancer

Today is a day to emotionally prepare for changes, this is easier achieved if you can dedicate some time to meditate, and focus on what you want to feel or experience this week.  By doing this you create the space for miracles in your life. In order to collect water, you need a container, what you expect to gather is indicative of the size container you bring.  When you expect grand, you shall receive grand. Being open to new experiences and expansion is like a surge of energy, meditation allows us to direct the energy, or prepare for it(container).  This is how the Moon affects Pluto and Saturn in Sagittarius. A Moon sextile to Neptune indicates that we have to prepare through a consistent desire for refinement and not be frantic about life-based on a lack of preparation.  The message for the day is that you have more control than you think.  


The Sun is coming to full alignment with Venus in the sign of Cancer.  If we align our actions to pure love and heart centeredness, we unlock unforetold wealth and alter our destiny.  The idea to remember can be found in the Sanskrit word Tapsaya or deep meditation, as a process of purification by which will make you more seasoned and mature.  To engage in real things pointed to the direction of success even if it is not apparent immediately, is helping you address your moodiness presently. By letting the emotions drown you, you begin to feel sorry for yourself and enter a period of stagnation.  Learning to fight our negative states of mind and align to universal truths can open up some doors that have been unlocked for a while now.  


Today is a day that we can align with spiritual forces and integrate them into our daily life and have positive encounters and experiences.  The most important part is positive imagination combined with a deep meditation to create power or control over the day energetically. Success today can be found in aligning with spiritual factors to bring about real-world change.  Things like fasting, cutting out a habit, meditating, ritual, chanting, and/or abstract activities allow us to redirect the primal energy and mold it into our desires. Taking the day seriously by setting the mood for the week will prove to be extremely beneficial.  Understand that this is a sublime alignment that we can take full advantage of if aware.  

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