Daily Energy Reading for August 13th, 2019

Mars in Sidereal Leo

Mars conjunct Sun/Venus in Sidereal Cancer

Mars is in its comfort zone entering Sidereal Leo recently giving us the positive energy boost towards our personal goals.  Mars entering Leo represents the rebirth or rebranding of our personality with the integration of the Soul. The trouble with Mars in Leo that without moving forward, life can get pretty irritating.  To avoid that annoyance of stagnation or hitting a plateau do not be afraid to shake it up today. Don’t be afraid to start over.  

The Sun/Venus still in cancer references the idea of “water seeking its own level.”  Understand that your vibe attracts your tribe, so take time to cultivate your vibe/mood to align with your intention.  Like-minded individuals will be available, hopefully, you will be present and confident enough to respond to the new wave of energy presently on the planet.  Do not be afraid to make new friends and people who make your life truly fulfilling. Connections over attachments will be the rule of the day.  
Take time to make sure you are going about your goals in the right way.  All things are subject to change, we have to be smart enough to change with the times, as opposed to wanting things a certain way.  Wealth isn’t about money.  Money is a replacement for true wealth.  The money will be used to buy things you don’t truly need.  To have a strong network and have people that really support you and care about you, money cannot replace that.  If they care about your money, they do not care about you, regardless of how they may act. Seek true wealth through open and honest emotional shares.  Seek to find emotional stability today and you will get to enjoy a little slice of Nirvana.

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