Quantum Physics and Symbols | The Key to unlocking your subconscious mind


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.G Jung

Do you know the inner language of the subconscious mind? Why should you? We all know learning new languages is difficult. Behavior is one of those things we can’t control with words, so our language is a barrier when referencing communicating with the subconscious mind.

Human Behavior has baffled many scientists and psychologists in the hopes to predict it. It’s almost as if human beings are no longer taking cues from the classical school of thought. Formulated for colonialism, education, and labor our ideas of empiric science are not based on ‘truth’ but as a continuation of a status quo. As our perception of the world around us changes so does our behavior.

The classical probability theory is like tossing a coin for 400 years and getting heads or tails. Quantum theory is like tossing a coin and getting 400 different sides and probabilities. Probability is now based on decisions, intuition, and impulses of the individual and not on a controlled variable. In quantum mechanics when making an observation or decision the wave collapses into particle forms but only when it is being observed. So asking questions about your reality changes it. Examining your reality changes it. How are you feeling? Previous to awareness, how you felt was a wave in motion with no real words, space, or time to define it.

The energy you wish to attract is the first and foremost thing on your mind. By creating a foundation of what you want to attract you become a magnet to that energy. The question creates the context for the change in your life. Being able to answer enables magic in your life. Be the question and the answer.

There are inherent blocks to psychic development embedded in western education. There have been many groundbreaking scientists in all realms discredited for not agreeing with the dominant Heliocentric model for the universe. If we are not able to get all of the information in a credible way we are left with foundational half-truths. Magic is outside of the rational mind.

Rationality cannot be justified, it is a mere belief. When we commit to reason, logic, rationality we are committing to ideas birthed through colonialism, not with your best interest in mind. The closer we examine this constructed reality the more we will be prompted to create a narrative of our own.

To observe, to be an observer, or in observation is to watch over and protect the future. When we observe a false reality, there is nothing we can do. Time is actually false time based on it being man-made, initiated by the Vatican and not by the study of nature. We are in a perpetual state of now, and this is the true time, this is also the quantum realm. The world will move no matter what you do when you choose to observe a facet of it, it collapses and allows you to examine it. Other than that the world keeps moving, with or without you. In all matter there is consciousness. If we only see the physical then we are neglecting the immaterial consciousness. Everything cannot be perceived with the senses but human nature states that what can’t be perceived doesn’t exist.

The subconscious mind does not exist in the way that the material world exists. It is the source of creativity, intuition, inspiration, inner knowing, interconnectedness, enlightenment. All of these things do not exist within logic, it comes from somewhere else. To fully engage with the subconscious requires disengagement from reason and logic. When we are observing our dreams, visions, and internal dialogue we are allowing evolution to take place. The subconscious mind is connected to the collective consciousness, meaning everything learned is accessible to everyone, nothing is sacred. Beyond our conscious mind lies a world of all-knowing, all-space, and time.

Since it is beyond your subconscious mind, the conscious rules no longer apply. In order to communicate with the subconscious, you use pictures/images that convey a complete thought. When you go to a movie you are being inundated with symbolism that your conscious mind does not always understand but you still continue to watch. It doesn’t ruin the movie experience, some of your favorite songs are using symbols and language you don’t completely comprehend. The fact you enjoy some things may be completely beyond your rational mind. Since you are already doing it, you will use reason and logic, but reason and logic cannot be justified. What can be justified is symbolism and emotions. Did you love that movie, song, or painting? Why? Sometimes you have no explanation, it just is.

The idea is to understand that our ability to communicate with distant objects instantly is found in using correct symbolism. Correct symbolism, emotion, and repetition is the language the subconscious speaks. Completely embodying your desire in a repetitious fashion imprint the subconscious to align with your desires. We are striving for a holistic expression of the quantum and practical. By actively acting out your symbolism, with present emotional alignment to particular energy (love, passion, desire) you are in your own way magnetizing your quantum reality. The idea is to presently focus on an indirect representation of a desire in order to remove the desire. Remember when a wave is observed it collapses but before that, it is a wave of information. The symbolism allows it to remain a wave as you focus on the symbolism you bring it closer to your present reality. We can only experience time at the moment now, so what are you waiting for?

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