Pomba Gira and the Path to Love and Desire

Some consider her a whore, slut, prostitute, or devil-woman.

For others, she is a goddess of love, sex, success, and abundance.

The word Quimbanda is loosely translated as “healer” or “shaman” which refers to “the one who communicates with the beyond”. It is a spiritual system that combines elements of Necromancy, Congo religious traditions, indigenous native Indian beliefs based in the Amazon Rain Forest, European Spiritualism and Jewish Kabbalistic magical traditions. The rituals of Quimbanda are designed to give you control over your destiny, empower you spiritually, and rebirth you in spiritual grace. Quimbanda is ruled by 2 main deities, Exu and Pomba Gira (Maria Padillia can be used interchangeably).

Exu representing the masculine spiritual side while Pomba Gira represents the feminine spiritual side. The together rule The Seven Lesser Quimbanda Kingdoms. Each one of these

Chief Guardian Spirits of Exu and Pombagiras are associated with a specific spiritual task and assignment to spiritually assist mankind.


Pomba Gira represents female beauty, sexuality, and desire. Pomba Gira is personified as a beautiful, desirable woman. She is worshipped with great respect based on her dark side being seen as wrathful. She is sought after for matters of the heart and love. She is invoked at the crossroads hence the name “The diety of the Crossroads, T-roads(dead ends), and Empress of the Seven Planets. Integrating Exu and Pomba Gira represent a balance of mind, body, and soul. The places where Pomba Gira can be invoked depending on the need are as follows: crossroads, crossings, forests, cemeteries, the ancestral realm, human sexuality, and oceans.

Where most focus primarily on the sexual aspects of Pomba Gira we will focus on a more diverse spiritual system of how to work with Pomba Gira to enact love and attraction at a high level without the mental distortions.

Working with Pomba Gira and Quimbanda is best done through pathworking. It is a divination system based on incremental understandings based on your effort and efficiency in doing the correct things within the proper space and time. The issue with this is when you have a desire and you do not provide a spiritual foundation for this desire to come to life, you just want what you want. If this is the case, pathworking is not for you. If you are interested in the steps it takes to manifest quickly and successfully, continue to read. The basis of this pathworking is that Pomba Gira can be realized in particular spaces and times with the correct intention. When you match the intention with space and time, you will progress through this pathworking seamlessly.


The crossroads represent the origin of scared, where all elemental forces meet and integrate into the spiritual, ultimately the crossroads represent a choice of direction. Working with Pomba Gira make sure you know the difference between love, marriage, and sex. Love can be from a puppy, marriages can be stressful, and sex could be ultimately unfulfilling. Learning how to walk through the entire process of divination is advised. Once you meet at the crossroads, you are ready for the crossing. This could be called opening the road or road opener.

The realm of crossing should better be understood as uncrossing, making sure no malevolent spirits are attached to you, for the success of any spiritual endeavor, once you have performed a road opening at the crossroads, it is most important to uncross. Whether placed on you by a spiteful peer or obtained through your own karma or negativity, a crossed condition must be undone. Uncrossing is essentially replacing negative energy with positive energy. The next step is to enter into the wilderness or realm of the ancestors.

The forests and fields symbolically represent ancient burial grounds and are a way for those who seek connection with ancestors to connect. After opening the way for love, and uncrossing all negative energy, we connect to nature and the ancestors for energy. We connect to nature to connect to abundance and the will to bring what we desire into manifestation.

Cemeteries represent space and time in regards to ancestral connection. Pomba Gira is easily accessed in the cemetery when requesting emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Part of sensual love is high vibrations, so to attract love you have to rid yourself of all depression, sickness, and feelings of hopelessness. Pomba Gira is there to help you banish these negative vibrations if the divination is based on pathworking. The issue with pathworking is that you have to start from a base understanding and work your way to a realization. The path must be worked.

The realm of the dead is not the Cemetery, the realm of the dead are the ancient mounds, hills, and mountains that contain the bones of the ancestors. An ancient cemetery or burial ground is different from a modern cemetery based on intention. The ancestors buried the transitioned with the particular intent to continue the communication. The ancestral realm is there to communicate and be informed telepathically of your path. Once you have done the foundational work of purification, communication, and integration we are ready to move into the material erotic pleasures of life.

So many times people rush straight to this aspect of Pomba Gira and usually bite off much more then they can chew. To be grounded in spiritual matters in all realms proves you to be ready for such power and eroticism. This level of Pomba Gira ensures success in all risk. In matters of lust and seduction, she is primary and unquestioned as ruler and winner of all psychological battles.

The final embodiment of Pomba Gira is found in the Ocean. When the Woman is sexually aroused what does she secrete? Moisture. When the man has reached his peak sexual excitement what seeps out? More moisture. To realize that this part of the world whether it be oceans, rivers, and lakes speaks to sexual desire in abundance. The water is where we speak to Pomba Gira in assistance in marriage and true love.

Practitioners of Umbanda and other Afro- Brazilian spirit-based religions say that by “developing the spirit,” or establishing an intimate relationship of ritually mediated exchange, the afflicted is able to transform a disruptive experience into a constructive one. In return for their offerings of food, drink praise, material items, and— temporarily—their own bodies, devotees believe that the spirits will mystically intervene on their behalf in the affairs of the human world. Such ritual exchanges between human and spirit are understood to generate various effects directly measurable in the lives of individuals, including healing, success in romantic or business endeavors, family harmony, well- being, protection from harm, the resolution of affliction, and other material benefits. Embodied in Pomba Gira, the holy harlot, these tensions are made dramatically manifest in the material world, thereby becoming subject to human reflection and manipulation. In this sense, Pomba Gira and other Afro- Brazilian spirit entities provide a set of symbolic resources and ritual strategies by which individuals are empowered to work on themselves and the world around them.

I am the harlot that shaketh Death

This shaking giveth the Peace of Satiate Lust
Immortality jetteth from my skull
And music from my vulva
Immortality jetteth from my vulva also
For my Whoredom is a sweet scent like a seven-stringed instrument
Played unto God the Invisible, the all-ruler
That goeth along giving the shrill scream of orgasm

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