Lilith & the Path to Wisdom

The esoteric meaning of wisdom

Intuitive knowing; spiritual intuition; the voice of God within as the source of our understanding; mental action based on the Christ Truth within. Wisdom includes judgment, discrimination, intuition, and all the departments of mind that come under the head of knowing. This “knowing” capacity transcends intellectual knowledge. Spiritual discernment always places wisdom above the other faculties of the mind and reveals that knowledge and intelligence are auxiliary to understanding.

Lilith, Adam’s first wife, the queen of Sheba, the Queen of the night, or Malkuth speak to the long-forgotten matriarchy. This Goddess has been shunned and removed from the spiritual hierarchy. Even though she is not mentioned it does not remove her of her power and wisdom. Lillith represents Malkuth, the concentration and materialization of all previous emanations of the spiritual path. Therefore the trouble of explaining Lillith is that she is a culmination of energy, whether the energy is light/dark or good/evil, the sum total parts equate to Lilith. Everything that we see is considered Lilith and everything we see at this moment is a culmination of our spiritual work or lack thereof.


In order to work with the Dark Goddesses effectively, there has to be a process of ridding yourself of patriarchial truths(half-truths) to integrate the feminine (forgotten) truth. Very simply, we all start with a metaphorical cup of water, how we manage that cup indicates our relationship with a pure Goddess or a distorted Goddess. The reality is that you could go on any website to learn about the ‘evil’ ‘dark’ ‘prostitute’ known as Lillith but that is a misnomer. One has to fully understand space and time and the removal of the Goddess from formal spiritual practices to get to the conclusion that the Lilith has to be redefined and understood differently in this Aquarian Age.


From the top of the Kabalistic tree of life, we have the energy of Kether which is pure consciousness. As energy descends throughout the tree of life it accumulates expressions that distort the purity of Kether. By the time the energy gets to Malkuth( The physical world), it is fully distorted and the Great Goddess Lilith is now viewed as a negative entity. After a life filled with dead-ends, unhelpful impulses, and failed plans the physical world looks to be a place of despair. In this part of the spiritual journey, we reference responsibility for your world. Our world view is a creation made by us for us, when we lose that, we lose the wisdom of the Goddess.

To address this energy with modern desires leads you to either get what you want or not, what is missing is the lessons Lilith comes to impart. Lilith or Malkuth represents the physical world so however it is presented to you whether favorable or unfavorable is a block within itself. We live in a world where things help us and when things prove to be valuable we stick with it. When these things no longer work, we stay. Whether it is a toxic relationship, job, or life circumstance the idea of Lilith is to break away from it and seek Kether, or pure consciousness. Another pitfall of Lilith to the uninitiated is when we wish for events, desires, or things we haven’t experienced so we use all of our spiritual energy to bring these things into a manifest. Forgetting that the point of spiritual work is to merge back with pure consciousness. The pain or joy of life distorts the energy of Lilith.

Kether represents source consciousness or a state that brought about this current reality. There is no thought behind spiritual development, just a drive to reach the truth. The goal of the initiate which is the soul is to experience the bliss and joy of its being. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life speaks to the working necessary for that realization to occur. Lilith represents the physical manifestation of the source consciousness. Those that have sought to understand this link between physicality and consciousness are known to the world as ‘Witches’, the children of Lilith. Although we get a bad rap, let us look closer at what it means to be a witch and devotee of Lillith.


This world we live in is full of mystery, wonder, and magic. The mystery, wonder, and magic are not locked safe’s with no keys, they are open doors waiting for you to walk through. Whether you perceive a witch as a threat or evil, the witch her/himself views the world as something to learn and exercise. The average person imagines the world as a set, finite, and not filled with mystery. The Witch builds knowledge of the natural world to ultimately alter her personal world. The witch channels Lillith, the Goddess of matriarchal knowledge from which produced the world we live in. The Witch simply wants to know, she doesn’t want to be told or think about the world she lives in. The witch seeks to take control of their lives by spiritual means.

Lilith did not want to submit to Adam and demanded equality. The story of Adam and Eve is a later revised tale of Adam and Lilith. Adam representing the patriarchy did not want to include the story of Lilith because that would distort the patriarchal system that was being laid throughout the planet. The patriarchy needed full power and origin of a narrative in order to remain in power, by distorting the matriarchal roots of religion and civilization, the patriarchy claimed dominance on religious doctrine and dogma. So what once was the personification of wisdom is now viewed as sensual desire, sexual temptation, and the goddess of evil.

The reality is that Lilith is the Queen of all power and mystery which equates to wisdom. I have come to the conclusion and realization that we have been tricked by religious leaders of old and new to hide the truth. Lilith is the divine Feminine, the great goddess of fertility and chaos. She personifies how the Gods of old were demonized. Lillith is seen as a dark-complected woman who can be personified as proud, independent, strong, and fearless. “I am a fierce Spirit of myriad Names and many forms”

Wisdom is an exalted thing and a rich thing: I will love her like a mother, and she shall embrace me like her child. I will follow the footprints of wisdom and she shall protect me for ever; I will seek after wisdom, and she shall be with me for ever; I will follow her footprints, and she shall not cast me away; I will lean upon her, and she shall be unto me a wall of adamant; I will seek asylum with her, and she shall be unto me power and strength; I will rejoice in her, and she shall be unto me abundant grace. For it is right for us to follow the footprints of wisdom, and for the soles of our feet to stand upon the threshold of the gates of wisdom.

One thought on “Lilith & the Path to Wisdom

  1. Seeking Kether,
    Source of consciousness.
    Seeking to see past and eliminate devices of control and illusion – in order to attain.
    Using the spiritual energy Leading up to the new moon to cleanse, heal and prepare to merge with the purest consciousness of self. And embark on this new chapter/journey seeing more wisdom, understanding and Ascension with hopes to monetize imagination and intellectual property!!

    – true spiritual student seeking to learn more of the escoteric sidereal verdic astrology and astronomy.

    Thanks Hood Mystic
    Love the natal chart book!


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