New Moon in Libra Esoteric and Sidereal Astrology | October 28th, 2019

There will be a New Moon in the constellation of Libra on October 28th, 2019. This article will center on its esoteric and spiritual implications.

Sun conjunct Moon in Libra

new moon.JPG

Sun conjunct the Moon in Libra marks the halfway point through the Sun’s journey it has made since Aries.  It is best to be reflective and introspective during this New Moon Energy.  Inner stability leads to outer treasure…the negativity in your life amounts to an emotional reaction.  Inner stability moves you outside of emotional reactions. By listening to your emotions constantly this creates a level of stagnation and blockage that you may not understand how to get out. This is a time to utilize the power of simplicity. In its etymological, most basic sense, it means without duality.  “Simple” gets the job done, and what you intend should come about smoothly. All confrontations moving up to the full moon if not able to analyze logically, be sure to meditate upon these things. This New Moon signals relief by utilizing the power of the great womb of chaos. Around this time I bring up New Moon hijacks by the powers that be 3 days before and up to five days after the New Moon.

So the projection of melancholy, fears, and unhappiness may be thoughts that are not even your own. The reason meditation is a powerful tool during this Full Moon is based on its ability to make one part whole through a momentary reflection of your soul. The longer meditation is sustained throughout the New Moon and subsequent days allow you to trust that answers will be available when needed. Potential is not meant to be scary, it is meant to be a breakthrough into a new more positive beginning of life.

New Moon Opposite Uranus

oppose uranus.JPG

The New Moon will be opposed to Uranus, this speaks to the energy of The Tower, as sometimes old worthless structures must come down and be rebuilt.  The attitude of accepting a new experience, a new dimension of consciousness, and what that reveals in the physical world. Being able to align with your soul forces you to rethink your emotional responses. You know you are changing when your reactions to things are different. If this is the case then you know your life is not far behind. Excellence being the principle intent ensures that every manifestation will be excellent. Your conduct, behavior, and actions centered on excellence alone allow you to come through on the excellent side of things. The idea is to act as if you are always watched, base your actions in integrity, and trust that your manifestations will follow your inner stability.

If you are in your head, remember to stay within your heart when you get stagnated. Using your body to unify your spirit, however that looks for you, helps us safely and surely integrate the new spiritual dimension into our lives. This New Moon requires honesty with you towards others. The womb of chaos dictates that our true feelings rise to the surface, the problem with that is that we are usually fake and unaware of our true feelings. Listening without reacting, giving advice when it is best received, and remove expectations from others is best suited during this New Moon transit. True feelings don’t always align to actions, sometimes you can be mentally involved so deeply that you override your true feelings. How distance manifests during this New Moon do not question it, the lesson is in realizing that things that happen outside of you happen for their own reasons. If it doesn’t resonate at that analytical level, meditate further for more understanding.

Mars in Virgo Square Saturn in Sagittarius

mars square saturn.JPG

Mars in Virgo is hoping to utilize all of its resources, to create something new. An analogy would be a furnace and a jeweler throwing in all their old jewels in, to create something new. You can see how this can be favorable if the plan works out but if for some reason you forget your purpose for letting go then you will fall deeper into the void. Remember to stay active and engaged to make sure you are bringing your manifestations into reality. This can be the seeds for some excellent fruit if that is the intention. If the structure you have built is no longer sustaining you, the remedy would be to tear it down and rebuild a better structure. This runs contrary to the home improvement attempts to patch things up, just tear the whole thing down.

Saturn Sextile Neptune in Aquarius

Venus and Mercury Sextile Pluto

Neptune is at a space that speaks to Acceptance as a motivation to move forward or stay. Whatever your physical surroundings are that you can’t change at the moment but bother you, learn to accept this.  If you see things in your present reality that you do not like, you change it. If there are things that you do not like but are not ready to move on from, utilize acceptance because some things cannot change.

Pluto speaks to moving forward from all forms of subjugation while Mercury and Venus are giving you the intuition to move on.  Your peace and your wealth are not found in slavery. If you find yourself shorting yourself for an eventual payoff. Utilize this New Moon to shake yourself out of oppressive relationships and workspaces.  The pay off will show up in your actions, not in your patience.

Deepavali and Swati Nakshatra


Deepavali, known as ‘The Festival of Lights.’ In India, puja (ritual worship), gift-giving and many shining oil lamps signify the victory over darkness within and the radiant awareness of one’s own inner light.

This New Moon buys gifts for those you care about as symbolism to how you want the universe to give to you freely and unexpectedly. This time represents the dark moon and the intention and understanding that what you do in the dark comes to light. In your darkest moments, your soul shines the brightest.

The Sun and the Moon near their weak zodiacal points of deep debilitation in early sidereal Libra and Scorpio respectively. This festival’s main day always falls yearly on a dark Moon, where this convergence of factors as winter draws nearer make this a time when rituals that invoke brightness, hope, warmth, and abundance are mentally balancing, uplifting and naturally timely.

Knowing that the Sun is at its weakest allows you to use it as a strength. By practicing rituals on the New Moon as a preparation for what is to come allows you to bring it all into manifestation during the time leading up to the Full Moon.

Today’s main day is dedicated to Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity, generosity, and beauty. Traditional elements of Deepavali celebrations that invoke and attract Lakshmi’s bountiful presence include visiting with family and community, giving to charity, the sharing of sweets, beautifying personal adornment and wearing brand new clothes, cleaning the home and the lighting of lamps by the open threshold of one’s festively decorated front door to allow Lakshmi to enter one’s home effortlessly.

The New Moon falls in line with the Swathi Nakshatra, this nakshatra represents the breeze, wind, and elimination of negativity. It inspires things like good going, independence, delicate and fragile. Swathi is for eliminating negative influences. Imagining you have no negativity is what allows negativity to grow. The same as you had a garden and you imagining no weeds, so you do nothing to prevent, or rid them when they come. From this perspective, you can see how the weeds could take over your garden. Also, how being proactive in dealing with “weeds” allows your garden to flourish in the future.

The 2nd house is also one of the houses of education that governs especially ancient traditions that were passed on verbally. Today’s lunar mansion of Swati Nakshatra has associations with Saraswathi, the goddess of flowing speech and arts, where these combined considerations may bring sanctuaries of time-honored practices in the month ahead. Symbolized as a young sapling blowing in the wind and governed by airy Rahu, Swathi Nakshatra has delicate traits and a potentially flighty nature, where it is a month ahead to keep in touch with and have basic faith in one’s own resourceful courage and grounded abilities.

The Card of the Month – 3 of Swords


This new moon is tied to the Tarot Card 3 of Swords, how these cards relate is that it brings up a clear issue that we need to deal with. This does not have to be negative, a way to think about it is that once this is gone, peace and prosperity can reign in your life. This energy speaks to your dreams and the people closest to you that you allow to minimize you. Not in words but in actions, whether it is lack of support or dismissiveness. True sorrow and pain are when you are separated from your soul. The answer falls in learning to connect to the soul as a way to connect inherently to the truth during this New Moon phase. Long term depression due to heartbreak, loss, or death has to be relieved from our beings. A beautiful illusion is still an illusion. Dealing with the ugly truth allows us to utilize this “darkness” as a phase or vehicle towards the light.

Conclusion – New Moon Intention

Through the process of Inner-Stability you are able to deal with what comes to you through logic, if that doesn’t work, then go for meditation.  Keep the process simple and don’t complicate the rituals.  Focus on excellent intentions and actions breed excellent manifestations.  Relief comes from the fact that we all have so much to learn.  The trouble comes in thinking you know everything so you do nothing to prepare energetically for the winter.  Inner-stability also allows you to not have your emotions hijacked by external forces.  Even if they attempt, the house may need to come down in order for you to build your life to your soul’s purpose.  Throw all of your old jewels in the furnace to create a new jewel to represent your growth and future.  The idea is not imagining life has no problems.  There could be problems in your relationships and jobs that can’t be ignored, so by facing it, allows you to set intentions out of purity.  When you plant seeds with no obstruction they grow to your liking, just because you plant a seed does not mean weeds don’t exist to destroy your manifestation.  Anything holding you back it is time to remove them.   Ritualize this New Moon by buying a new outfit, eat your favorite foods, and spend the New Moon with your favorite people.  Doing this ensures that you will manifest these good feelings throughout the next Moon Cycle.  This is the root of setting intentions.  Finally, negative things come to the surface not to suffer but to be surpassed.  I hope you found this article useful.

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