Aspects Made Easy!!!

  • This video is a compendium and can be further utilized with my book

How to Read Natal Charts Easily and Effectively

  • Aspects are Often misunderstood based on it not being explained thoroughly
  • But After a short explanation of the aspects, I will give you an easy way to remember them
  • Every aspect of astrology comes with a light and dark side.
  • No aspect, placement, or position is inherently good or bad
  • If this sounds confusing relax, I will walk you through the major aspects
  • In understanding the aspects we will utilize the analogy of the store
  • Utilizing analogies is a great teaching method for astrology because it corresponds to celestial concepts to our human life

Harmonic Aspects
Trine (I’m Good)

  • Comfort = Stagnancy or Ease
  • Innate ability = stagnancy or ease
  • Requires slow constant action
  • Jupiter

Sextile (If I wanted to go to the store I could)

  • Requires effort to get something done
  • Energy exchange, creation
  • Immediate productive reaction
  • Mercury

Dynamic (mechanical forces not in balance, balancing these aspects give you power)
Opposition (I need to go to the store)

  • Contrast
  • Pressure
  • A need to connect or overcome distance
  • Saturn

Square (I can’t go to the store but I want to)

  • Panic = it arouses you out of negative situations
  • Action/Reaction = Reaction/Action
  • How you respond to the world = Or how the world responds to you
  • Mars

Conjunctions (understanding the roots)

  • Union = oppositional forces or harmonic forces
  • Concentration creates new energy
  • Cannot be undone, Unforgiven aspects
  • Pluto

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