Full Moon in Pleiades | Esoteric & Sidereal Astrology | November 12th, 2019


Full Moon Conjunct Pleiades.

Western or Tropical Astrology finds this Full Moon in Taurus while Vedic Astrologers will place this Full Moon in Aries. The Moon will actually be outside of those two constellations and aligned with the central group of the system of sidereal astronomy, Pleiades. Known as the Seven Sisters, Seven Wives, or the spiritual nurses in a celestial war. The Pleiades deals with racial harmony, racial disparity, the occult healing, and the end of a cycle of generational ritual abuse.  This represents an esoteric cycle based on the Moon’s direct conjunction with respect to the Cluster of Stars known as the Pleiades.

Because this cluster rose at sunset around November, this star is also associated with a judgment of the dead and fate. In many countries, a day was set aside around this time to mourn those who died in battle. So this star has connections with passing over to other dimensions.


Kabbalistic Meaning of the Full Moon


This Full Moon takes place in the sphere of Tiphereth, representing harmony and balance after we have had negative experiences. This present time will speak to a high level of Mars energy that has to be directed. The Pleiades relate to Taurus the Bull or El which represents the financial and material direction of the primal fire of Aries. This time should not be spent in complacency but focused on a goal with an enduring attitude. On one side we have the possibility, the Moon conjunct Pleiades.  On the other side, we have x-ray vision to see through the illusion, the Sun in Libra. The Sun manifests in the form of lies that are unable to sustain themselves thus revealing the truth.

Nakshatra Kritika


The Nakshatra Kritika is the Lunar House for this Full Moon. Which allows the Moon to burn away negativity to get to the deepest truth. The primordial flame is the symbol of this nakshatra with the purpose of purification. When we perform fire rituals the purpose is to throw all of our bad karma in the fire and watch it rise like smoke to the heavens. This signifies purifying the mind. Fire is the most purifying substance.

Full Moon Tarot Card | The Four of Wands

The Four of Wands represent completion, a finished project, or succeeding in a goal. The important aspect of this card is the necessary chaos that brings order. The basis of this card is the primordial fire necessary for motion and motivation. 4 represents the culmination of all elements. When you add 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 that equates to 10, the number of God. So the four of wands is a deeper understanding of completion in the sense of man and soul. When this happens it’s only natural to seek to move in NEW directions while also remembering how far you have come. This is a worldwide phenomenon and most don’t seek the esoteric side of life so for the ones that do be sure to be sensitive and gentle during this process of great transformation.



The Full Moon will be impacted with soft aspects to Neptune and Saturn. Not as hard as a Grand Cross but this energy represents a major turn of events. The Sun is connected to Neptune showing the spiritual lies and spiritual truths we focus on manifesting. Success, sickness, and stagnation will be how this energy manifests negatively/positively for many. The Moon is connected to Saturn which is a subconscious connection to truth allowing truth to manifest in your present life. A change of scenery or the dred of your surroundings indicates if you are focused in the right/wrong direction.  Follow your impulses to change the things that disturb you over the usual benign neglect given to the disturbances of the soul.

This Full Moon for the Esoteric is prepared to receive as you feel. Clearly communicate your truth and speak what you seek to manifest. There are naturally antagonistic feelings that are the motivation for positive spaces you wish to manifest. Look at these ‘evil’ feelings as necessary for spiritual development. If the material world were perfect, there would be no reason to transcend it. If you are putting a lot of energy into a practical effort, mundane activity, or loveless relationship really ask yourself why. Also, expect the manifestation to reveal things that appear to be true but are really not. Be wise over being surprised.

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