Manipulating The Matrix: A Guided Workbook and Meditation to Master the Magic of the Moon

manipulating the moon

A guided workbook, journal, and nightly meditation with the purpose of manipulating your matrix. Our observation of matter compels it to assume a definite position so as humans we can measure it. When we turn our awareness away the matter collapses into nothingness. Humans can immerse themselves in any reality with time and effort. Everything we perceive however comes from a primary source. This workbook will allow you to observe your intentions, meditate on those intentions, and manifest those intentions within the natural cycles of the Moon. By utilizing this workbook as a journal daily, you will be able to stay present while creating your new ideal reality. Time is structured in a way that is not natural. This workbook allows you to create a new calendar that syncs with the Moon phases and by doing this it will allow you to manipulate your reality effectively and easily. Make a decision to live with and through your intention and watch the magic happen. This is your book and your story do not be afraid to write it. As mentioned earlier we will be utilizing the power of the moon and it’s utilizing its full power before bed and as we awake.

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