Is the Law of Attraction Real? | Manipulating the Matrix | How to Manifest in your Sleep


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What is Reality? Are you aware?  Are you repeating positive habits?  Is it hard to focus? 

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Arc represents a journey into manifesting.  As you move towards your goal the hardest part is that initial incline awareness towards repetition…the beautiful and easy part is the downhill from repetition to concentration …taking this path rhythmically backward we get creation reaction acceptance let us now deal with the reality of Law and attraction.


⇒ All matter, even solid matter, is made up of tiny particles called atoms.

⇒ Atoms themselves, are mostly empty space. About 99.999% of an atom is

empty space.

⇒ This means that our bodies, even though they appear solid, are actually

about 99.999% empty space!


Like a Magic Trick. Now that you not it is an illusion now you can change it.   Bringing your awareness to the fact that the matrix is changeable will allow you to actually change it. 



Repetition is how this false matrix gets cemented in our minds as real. IF you tell a lie long enough people will start to believe it.   It’s important to tap into this power by repetitiously engaging with this muscle. The more you engage with this part of you through writing and sleeping on things the more you will notice the world-changing in your favor.


Concentration is probably the hardest thing to do.  There are 50,000 thoughts in one day. Focusing on one thing is difficult.  A way to circumnavigate all of these thoughts is to memorize your future. Memorizing….Know exactly how your day is going to be…and sleep on it.   As you awake you will not remember the song but you will definitely know the words. prospective memory (also called memory for intentions) so we can remember to do things in the future, NOW.  Programming your memory at night is how you truly concentrate. Journaling before bed and before you start your day is how your memories become your thoughts, which ultimately becomes your reality.  Purchase our workbook as a guide to manipulating the matrix of how you see it. First, it is the type of memory that poses the most problems for us in everyday life. That is what prospective memory enables us to do. If we could not recall such future intentions, we could not live autonomous and independent lives.

All three of these things work together as a unit.  Being aware, being repetitious, and concentrating on that which you manifest will have no choice but to respond.   Stay Tuned for our next installment of our manipulating the matrix series where we deal with Intentions We will TAP into Intentions. Time Anticipate and Prepare.

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