Living with Intention | Manipulating the Matrix |How to Manifest in your sleep.

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 TAP Into your Intentions

Utilizing Timing Anticipation and Preparation, We stay Ready

If you stay ready there is no need to get ready

So you ready???


We all have desires and wishes. 

Desires and wishes, however, are not intentions.

Intentions are much stronger than desires and wishes.

If our awareness is centered outwardly.

Then we intend outwardly.

Living with intention is an inward process, however.

Intention and Purpose are centered on a goal.

A Goal requires attention and effort.

Living with intention is moving towards that goal daily.

Intent requires attention.

Intent requires eagerness.

So much so that you would put your actions behind it .

How does one Tap in?

That’s simple.

Timing, Anticipation, Preparation!!!

Timing deals with the Now.

That time when…The time of day…etc.

Timing represents whats happening within the moment.

Everything responds or happens based on your intentions.

Most intentions are habitual and unconscious.

This workbook allows them to be conscious and determined.

Anticipation is the foreshadowing of what’s next.

We know what’s next based on our intention.

Because we have put the action in surrounding our intention.

 By setting intentions ahead of time.

Before Bed and Before your Day.

Creates the anticipation for your intention subconsciously.

If you stay Ready you never have to get ready!!!!

Preparation states that you have made proper accommodations for your manifestation.

The readiness for this goal creates the actual outcome.

Preparation is based on you being ready beforehand.

Preparation is how we harness our passion.

By creating an action system.

We actually accomplish our intention.

TAP INto INtentions or TAP IN for short.

This is how we live with intention.

Which is different from letting the day come to us.

We realize by setting intentions before bed and before our day repetitiously is how we are able to manifest our intentions surely.

Manipulating the Matrix allows you to TAP In and understand how you have more control over your reality than you once previously estimated.

Stay Ready So you Never Have to Get Ready and TAP IN!!! 

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Purchase our New Workbook Here


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