What nobody tells you about Melatonin and Manifestation!!!

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Did you know that Sleep and circadian rhythms.  Activate your Melatonin?

This allows you to program your subconscious mind once you align with the natural cycles of the Moon.


the ‘Darkness Hormone,’ Melatonin http://bit.ly/2DWXKE2

The Therapeutic Potential of Melatonin http://bit.ly/2DTUfOL  

The Dracula Hormone http://bit.ly/38g6ymx

Melatonin AKA the Black Neurotransmitter that Secretes A powerful Chemical from the Pineal Gland.  Neurotransmitters are the body’s messengers.  Melatonin influences us to sleep and wake.

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We all know that everyday is not the same.  Science emphasizes repeatability and following the Sun however.  Ancient cultures followed the cycles of the moon.  The irony is that the ancient cultures were very scientific

When we are divorced from this system, our inner world is disconnected from its natural cycles.  We now seek artificial cues (news, entertainment, and social media) for a sense of inner peace.

As the sun sets your subconscious mind rises to the surface to feed.  As the sun rises it drops back down to protect itself from the EGO.  This is a cycle that happens daily for most of us.

Darkness allows the subconscious to rise mostly when we are sleep.  The darker the moon the more melanin is produced.  This book is organized based on the cycles of the moon.

New Moons set intentions based on the heightened melatonin.  Full Moons experience intentions based on lowered melatonin.  Calendars do not help you with your circadian rhythms,  Manipulating The Matrix’s Calendar Function,   Allows you to take advantage of the Moon Cycle.  


From New Moon to New Moon instead of from Month to Month,  Which is taken from the word Menon which means Moon.  Originally people took time between one new moon to the next.  Manipulating the Matrix is allowing you to tell time in this fashion again.

Melatonin which is produced by the body is activated and depressed.  By darkness and light primarily and not time.   If it is late and the lights are on melatonin will activate freely.  Melatonin is regulated by the Pineal Gland.  


The Pineal regulates and also produces hormones,  the production of melatonin creates dreams and sleep.  Important things related to your physical and mental health and overall well being.  The pineal gland is linked to memory, creativity, intuition, and critical thinking.  All things necessary to manifest positive life experiences.  Light and darkness and helps you manage your attention and intention

Purchase our New Workbook Here

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