Lucid Dreams Made Easy!!!

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Journaling and Dreaming

How about a reasonable, logical, and clear way to dream

Creation of  a conversation around rational lucid dreaming

Are you in a dream now?

When you are dreaming do you know you are dreaming?

Like the movie Inception if we practice the art of Lucid Dreaming anyone can master it.

We are attempting to establish a positive relationship with our mind

No longer living in amnesia and the one-sided waking life 

Instead of waking up, let’s go back to sleep, and dream again

Once you notice you are in a dream 

‘Utilize the 3 R’s

Realize, Remain, Remember, 

Realize you are in a dream 

Look at your hands | Light Switches don’t work

Be fully aware when you sleep

because you want to lucid dream

Remain where I am and I am able to stay there

At first it can be freaky and send you straight into the waking world

So Be Cool act like you don’t care Keep your heart rate low

Focus on your body in the dream

Unaware of your sleeping body


95 to 99 % dreams are not remembered 

Dream Journal At Arm’s Length

remember from laying down


Why it is valuable?

Having a healthy relationship with your mind

Letting go of the symptoms of amnesia

Seeing through the fog and being aware

something called “resistance,” based on defense mechanisms and the partial pleasure derived from holding on to the symptoms.

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