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Lunar calendar - 3. January 2020
Reading for the First Quarter of Resonant Moon

The Quarter Moon Takes PLace on a Friday/Purify Day January 3rd, 2020

This is a Reading for the 1st Quarter Moon Week of the Resonant Moon. The Quarter Moon takes place on January 3rd, 2020. The Quarter Moon takes place on Friday or Purify Day. The focus of Purification days is the 3rd Eye Chakra, this is a time to bring an action to the spiritual. This best day is best found through releasing bodily toxins, negative thoughts, and connecting to positive energy. This practice resolves the internal conflict.

Resonant Moons are about your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. By being realistic about these things we deal with the blocks to our initial intention we set the previous week. Don’t get discouraged because things haven’t manifested, yet don’t be too arrogant imagining everything is over if things have manifested early.

How are your emotions, feelings, thoughts are affecting your decision making/actions?

When you feel ______ you are prone to do _____?

What you will notice is that you may respond to your feelings by specific actions. Changing actions without changing the root feeling is possibly why the intentions feel stagnant or blocked. Whatever conflict presents itself as in your life, there is a solution for it that is rooted in your feelings.

Astrology Forcast for the week of 12/28/19 to 1/5/20

What we thought might fulfill us at the beginning of the month might not be true throughout the week. Will you provide a dynamic solution to resolve your conflict or will you let it go? These will be key questions you need to answer this week.

Know your Magick

Remember that if your intention is not strong when adversity comes, you naturally will rethink it. Quarter Moons allow us to Revise, Reconsider, and Reorganize as we see fit. Don’t panic but simply adjust as needed this week but do not lose your focus.

Enlightenment or Escaping?

Depersonalization can often look like enlightenment. Running away from our problems often looks like we were the problem we were running from during quarter moons. Take care of your mind, body, and soul at the same time as observing what arises unconsciously. The enlightened one is not the one with all of the followers or the most arrogant spiritualist. The enlightened one is the one who is present, honest, and ready to do the work.

Six steps to keep your Spiritual Ego in Check this week.

  1. Don’t overthink your day. Plan your night.  
  2. Don’t look at life as black and white, fundamental beliefs.
  3. What works for you should work for you.  
    1. Lao Tzu says, “He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know.”
  4. Spirituality is not a competition or a race.
  5. Nor is it an excuse or escape to be positive.
  6. There are no followers, leaders, God lives within us all
    1. Namaste
Purchase Manipulating the Matrix Now to begin journaling and living out your intentions.

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